The Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CCBT)

The Eating Disorders Clinic

The Eating Disorders Clinic at the CCBT has 3 purposes:

  1. To provide specialized assessment, treatment, and referral services to individuals with specific kinds of eating/weight problems at no/low cost.
  2. To permit specialized training in the eating disorder field for advanced graduate students and professionals
  3. To contribute to the current knowledge of eating/weight problems through research

We treat many different individuals with a variety of problems.  Most of our clients have difficulties in the areas of chronic dieting, food preoccupation, restrictive or disorganized eating patterns, fear of losing control over eating and weight, episodes of loss of control, use of techniques such as purging, fasting, or extreme exercising to manage weight or emotions, or extreme concern about body weight and shape.

To be serviced by our program, an assessment begins with a brief telephone interview to determine eligibility. If appropriate, the client will then undergo a complete evaluation at the clinic and a recommendation for treatment will be made. This could include services at The Center for CBT or may indicate a referral to an alternate agency. Evaluations are completely free with future session fees determined by a sliding-fee scale with each session costing between $0-$50 each.

No information regarding treatment will be provided to insurance companies unless requested by the client. No third-party insurance is accepted.

The telephone number for all services through the CCBT-Eating Disorders Program is 808-956-7326.  If a staff member is not available to immediately answer your phone call, please leave a message on the voicemail and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

For more information about the Eating Disorders Clinic, please visit the clinic’s personal website.