Department of PsychologyUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa

Currently, the Psychology Department has over 20 faculty who provide graduate and undergraduate training in the following areas: behavioral neuroscience, clinical, cognitive, community and culture, developmental, experimental psychopathology, and social psychology.

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Department of Psychology Faculty

Charlene Baker

Charlene Baker (profile)

Professor - Chair, Graduate Studies

John (Jack) Barile

John (Jack) Barile (profile)

Assistant Professor

David Cicero

David Cicero (profile)

Assistant Professor

Patricia Couvillon

Patricia Couvillon (profile)

Associate Professor

Frank Floyd

Frank Floyd (profile)

Professor - Director of Clinical Training

Elaine Hatfield

Elaine Hatfield (profile)


Kentaro Hayashi

Kentaro Hayashi (profile)

Associate Professor

Leon James

Leon James (profile)


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  • Tel: 808-261-2382
  • Email:
Janet Latner

Janet Latner (profile)


Akihiko Masuda

Akihiko Masuda (profile)

Assistant Professor

Ashley Maynard

Ashley Maynard (profile)

Professor - Department Chair

Charles Mueller

Charles Mueller (profile)


Brad Nakamura

Brad Nakamura (profile)

Associate Professor

Kristin Pauker

Kristin Pauker (profile)

Associate Professor

Scott Sinnett

Scott Sinnett (profile)

Associate Professor - Undergraduate Chair

Grayden Solman

Grayden Solman (profile)

Assistant Professor

Lorey Takahashi

Lorey Takahashi (profile)

Professor - Honor's Program

Kenneth Tokuno

Kenneth Tokuno (profile)

Associate Specialist - Undergraduate Advisor

Kelly M Vitousek

Kelly M Vitousek (profile)

Associate Professor

Yiyuan Xu

Yiyuan Xu (profile)


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