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Charles Mueller

Charles Mueller



PhD, Iowa State University (1981)
Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Training Certificate, University of Hawaii (1988)


Dr. Mueller’s research and applied work incorporates ideas and approaches from both social and clinical psychology. His primary research interests focus on the interface of social and clinical psychology with an emphasis children’s mental health service delivery (e.g. child and adolescent mental health systems improvement, treatment as usual, evidence based services), aggression and violence (e.g. effects of family violence, innovative treatments, and externalizing behavior problems), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

For the last 12 years, Dr. Mueller has directed the Research and Evaluation Training Project (RET), a University-State Department of Health service and learning collaborative. Through RET, more that a dozen students have been trained in mental health systems evaluation and change (through paid RA positions), over 20 peer-reviewed publications and 10 technical reports have been produced, and and more than 100 local and national presentations have been delivered. RET has supported 10 completed theses or dissertations and numerous other student authored research projects.

Dr. Mueller is a Co-Director of the Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the Department of Psychology at UHM. In the Child Division of CCBT, graduate clinical psychology students with paid practicum positions are supervised in services (including assessment, treatment, consultation and supervision) and clinical research .

Research Projects

Child Division-Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (2008 - ) : C-CCBT contracts with the State of Hawaii Departments of Education and Health to provide mental and behavioral health services to children and families while training clinical psychology graduate students through paid practicum (stipend and tuition waivers for 10-12 students each year). C-CCBT supports a wide variety of student and faculty led clinical research. Dr. Mueller's C-CCBT research has been focused on ADHD, disruptive behavior disorders, comorbidity and children experiencing domestic violence.

Research and Evaluation Training Program (RET) (2004 - ) : Psychology Department and Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division (DOH-CAMHD) collaborate to provide research and evaluation services and related training for graduate psychology students. Paid Stipends with tuition waivers available.
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