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Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen

Assistant Professor - Temporary


PhD, Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of California at Santa Barbara (2012)


Cognitive science, cognitive development, and cognitive neuroscience of theory of mind and social attention.

My research interests include social attention, the ability to attend to where others are attending, and theory of mind, the ability to think about what others are thinking. Most of my research is organized around three broad questions:

1) How do the computational and neural structures supporting social attention and theory of mind work?

2) How do developmental mechanisms construct and reorganize these neurocomputational mechanisms across time?

3) How do social attention and theory of mind interface and how does this interface change, if at all, over development? That is, how do we attend to where others are attending in order to learn about what they are thinking?

I incorporate an evolutionary functionalist approach into my research to inform hypotheses about psychological mechanisms and how they change over development and across cultures. I'm also interested in foundational issues in cognitive science (e.g., domain-specificity and functional specialization, the origins of knowledge, flexibility of cognition, nature of representation and computation).

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