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Janet Latner

Janet Latner



Ph.D., Rutgers University; M.S., Rutgers University; B.A., Yale University


Concentration Area: Clinical Studies
Dr. Latner's program of research concentrates on improving the scientific understanding of obesity and eating disorders and developing methods of relieving the significant disability, stigma, and impairment associated with these conditions. Obesity is a major public health problem, and this research program investigates ways to effectively treat obesity. Dr. Latner's research also aims to document the prevalence of the stigma and prejudice commonly directed at obese individuals. At the same time the prevalence of obesity has grown, the bias against obese individuals has also dramatically increased. Many negative psychological consequences result from this bias, yet novel interventions may be able to reduce this harmful bias. Dr. Latner's research is also focused on improving the understanding of eating disorders and their impact on health and quality of life. These investigations aim to develop a better understanding of the factors that maintain these disorders, and the impairment associated with them, to ultimately improve their treatment.

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